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Rhino mask pattern for paper mache

Rhino Mask Pattern

This rhino mask pattern creates all the shapes for you, so no sculpting experience is needed. After you wear your new rhino mask at a dress-up party, you can bring it home and display it on your wall. And when your friends see it, you can proudly say, “I made it myself!”

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Ram Headdress Mask Pattern

Ram Headdress Mask Pattern

This ram headdress mask pattern creates all the shapes for you, so it’s easy to put together. It will be striking when seen on stage in a play, or wear it to your next party or parade.

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diy modeling paste recipe

DIY Modeling Paste Recipe

This is a really simple recipe – just some drywall joint compound with a small dab of acrylic paint added. It works really well for adding fur texture to a paper mache sculpture.

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T-Rex, Unicorn and Dragon Mask Pattern Set

T-Rex, Dragon and Unicorn Mask Pattern Set

Make all three of these unique masks for everyone in your family (or you and your best friends). Then you can all proudly tell everyone at your next party that you made them yourself! The T-Rex, dragon and unicorn mask patterns are included in the set.

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Clownfish mask pattern for paper mache

Easy Pattern for a Clownfish Mask

This new downloadable pattern creates all the shapes for a clownfish mask. The pieces go together quickly, and there’s only three colors so it’s easy to paint. With those bright red stripes and that famous “Nemo” look, your new mask will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

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Oversized pitbull mask pattern for paper mache

Pitbull Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

This new pitbull mask pattern has large pieces, so it goes together fast. Give your pit bull mask a brindle spot, like I did, or use your own favorite bully dog as a model. No matter how you paint it, you’ll be the Alpha Dog as soon as you put it on.

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