Paper Mache Angel Chair

Paper Mache Angel Chair
Submitted by Matthew McCoy

Mat McCoy Designs-Angel Chair
Mat McCoy Designs-Angel Chair


Estimated Cost to Make the Item: (Including Labour) $500 (aprox)


I created this chair as a prototype (number 2) for my Etsy store I’m launching next month.

The chair is reclaimed from the side of the road (I’m always amazed by what people will throw out!). After some minor repairs and painting as well as reupholstering the seat I then started on the wings. I used reclaimed cardboard ( I work allot with Cardboard) to create the wings. There are seven layers in all, front and back), glued together with P.V.A. I then covered the wings with three layers of paper mache, sanded and then attached solidly to the chair using epoxy and screws. I final two layers of mache was applied to create a seamless join between the chair and the wings.

One more sanding, paint, a fireproofing treatment and then a coat of protective varnish.

Angel Chair Wing Detail
Angel Chair Wing Detail

Due to the lightness of the cardboard wings the ‘balance’ of the chair is unaffected and the paper mache makes for an extremely tough shell (as an accidental drop down some stairs proves. These pictures are AFTER that happy event).

The chair is 210cm high, 72cm deep and 100cm’s wide. The hight is determined by the Australian minimum regulation ceiling hight, giving enough clearance to move it around.

The chairs I’ll be selling can be flat packed shipping. I’m also developing designs for a ‘fairy’ design and a Victoriana/Steam-punk design. I’m also planning to use various types of metallic leaf finish.

People love sitting in the chair and having photo’s taken! It’s now my office desk chair in my studio.

I’ve included a picture of my wonderful daughter Violet to give some sense of scale (and also because she helped with some of the paper mache and painting. Talented girl!


Mat McCoy Designs-Angel Chair
Mat McCoy Designs-Angel Chair

Paper mache was once described as the ‘plastic of the 19th century’, it was used for everything from furniture, toys to domes for astronomical observatories and boats! With the growing growing awareness of the environmental impact of plastics I can see paper mache making an industrial resurgence.

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5 thoughts on “Paper Mache Angel Chair”

  1. I think this chair is wonderful,how talented you are,from someone’s old junk to a wonderful piece of art.Well done and keep going,i would be proud to have a piece like that in my home 🙂


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