Paper cement clay experiment

Made by Michele Morel

Hello Jonni and everybody, following your experiment on waterproof papier mâché, I try the recipe of papier cement clay that you used to make your outside toad and I put my lézard outside on 14th February. Here in the Laurentiens Quebec, we get a lot of snow, so I will see how it goes. Have a good day all!

4 thoughts on “Paper cement clay experiment”

  1. That is an awesome lizard. I love the little critters. Occasionally my dog and I see one when we are walking, which is always a moment of joy. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing a photo of your lizard. From the weather report, it looks like he’ll have some snow soon. My toad was under a foot of snow for a month or more, but it recently melted and I got a chance to see how he was doing. The paper cement clay and the paint and the sealer are all doing great. So I think your lizard will survive – thank you so much for trying out the new recipe. I hope you’ll check back with us in the spring to let us know how he’s doing. 🙂

    • Hello Jonni, thank to you for this experiment and never giving up. I will for sure keep you updated but I’m really enthusiastic to learn that your toad is still going well under the snow, it look promising!


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