Made by Susan Stelmack

Hi Jonni, You suggested a while back that I attempt a pangolin, I finally finished after putting those scales off for so long. I am working on a baby now to sit on her tail, will post when finished.

10 thoughts on “Pangolin”

  1. Susan, is this a South American pangolin? (I don’t know much other than there are seven species all around the world.) They come in a lot of different sizes. The ones I saw on a documentary were small animals in Africa.

    I really love this little creature. Thanks.

    • Hi Rex, it started out as a giant ground pangolin which I believe is the largest of the pangolins from Africa. I did add a longer more curved tail. You know I can’t do anything small, it is over 5 feet long:)

  2. Wow, that was a lot of work! I hope you found it worthwhile. It is fantastic, and once baby arrives, it will be super fantastic. Thank you for the smile and that little bit of excitement, it made my day.

  3. Susan, one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see the baby. I really want to do one of these (but am afraid of the scales). Great work. Those nails are the best.

    I think you ought to charge admission, also. I could come and do the accounting while sleeping in the couch! I’d have to get permission from Teca (my dog) first.

    Thank you for your great critters.

    • Thank you Rex, my couch is always available for you and Teca. The scales were a bit of a challenge for me but you would have no problem with your expertise!!

  4. Hi Susan. You’ve done it again – wonderful sculpture. And I’m so glad you have a website. It’s really fun to see all of your critters in one place. You could start charging admission when people visit! (At least, when visiting is allowed again…)

    • Thanks Jonni, My website is still in the making, that is my husbands doing, I try to stay away from computers as much as possible.


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