Painting the Moose with Latex Paints

I used big brushes and latex paint to finish my moose, and I really like the way it came out.

In fact, I think I said that about seven times in the video. :)

Watch Jessie’s video to see why she chose these particular Sherwin Williams colors, and to see her mixing up cool and warm browns and greys.

If you’d like to make a moose with my pattern, you can find it here.

The colors I used for used for the moose are the Sherwin Williams paint that Jessie bought at Lowes:

  • Sweet Cardamom (the orange-brown color)
  • Tuxedo (the dark inky color)
  • Newport Gray (very dark teal)
  • Dusky Morn (the lightest color, a warm light gray)
grainer brush

And this is the “grainer brush” that I used to paint all that fur.

Remember, if you make a moose, we’d all love to see it. You can post photos and share your work on the Daily Sculptors page.

And if you have any tips for using and mixing latex paint for paper mache sculptures, please let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Painting the Moose with Latex Paints”

  1. Oh Jonni, I absolutely love this moose!!! He has such character! He reminds of a book called “A Moose for Millie”. Millie was a cow that the moose fell in love with. True story by the way. The detail is amazing and to step away from acrylics is quite exciting. My brain is now going a thousand miles a minute!

  2. I love your moose. I also love that you are always exploring (for us stick-in-the-mud types). The texture is great and the colors are awesome. Thank you.


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