Patterns make it easy to create paper mache sculptures and masks. See the patterns.

Over 450 projects and recipes for paper mache, including Jonni’s famous paper mache clay. Get inspired.

Paper Mache – Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

On this site we have patterns, tutorials, videos and step-by-step instructions that help you create your own hand-crafted paper mache sculptures.

Now beautiful paper mache sculptures, wall art and masks can be made by artists of all ages. The materials are inexpensive and the methods are easy, but your sculptures will last a lifetime if you take care of them. Your next paper mache sculpture might even become a treasured family heirloom.

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64 thoughts on “Paper Mache Can Bring Your Ideas to Life!”

  1. I use polystyrene wig stands to build heads on. If you have a dremel or similar or 80 grit sand paper you can modify it to take eyeballs (table tennis balls for the Halloween stuff) or just to modify the shape to suit. I shred pages from old paperback books, soak the shreds in hot water for a couple of hours, blitz with a hand blender, drain and add white glue for a base mixture for roughing out and finish with paper clay.

      • Not sure if I’m doing this correctly but here’s a selection of my efforts. I’ve only been doing this for just over a year so all advise and or tips are gratefully accepted.

  2. Hi. I was wanting to make an elephant for a circus VBS theme we were doing at our church and I ran across your Youtube tutorial. I decided to give it a try. After cutting out the pattern for the small elephant, I decided to try a large elephant. I made your pattern 3 times larger, and got lots and lots of paper and tape for the stuffing! After assembling the spacers for the smaller elephant, I found it to still be tipsy, so I attached it to a base. I decided to make the spacers for the large elephant a little more sturdy, and a little wider, which made it a little tricky with filling out the legs to look realistic, but I got it and it is sturdy. I took several pictures of the process but am uploading the final product. Thanks for the tutorial! Everyone loved them!

    • It’s fantastic! Your ideas for making the large elephant more stable are great. Would you have any interest in writing a guest post for us, to show us those progress photos along with the end result? If so, just let me know and I’ll send an email that explains the process.

      Thanks so much for sharing your elephant with us!

  3. Hi Joni, using your baby elephant tutorial, my friends and I were able to make a life size dog statue (the white dog from the tv show FRIENDS) I keep trying to post a picture but it’s too large to upload.
    My next project will be a mounted rhino head and I will use your guidance to do it 🙂
    Thank you, I’m an avid fan 🙂

  4. I have a Very old baby doll with a disfigured face. She is broken in several places but she is cute!
    Wondering if i could mould this to reconstruct her mouth, and give her a forearm and hand….

    • Hi Jill. I checked the Gumroad records, and it looks like they sent the email but it hasn’t yet been opened. I asked them to resend it. Did you check your spam filter? If you don’t find the new one, please let me know. It also looks like you might have an existing account with Gumroad using the same email address. If you still have your password I think you can sign into your account and find the download link there.

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