Our Practical Paper Mache e-Book is Done

Practical Paper Mache e-Book
Practical Paper Mache e-Book, by the Readers of UltimatePaperMache.com


I want to send a huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Practical Paper Mache project. We now have a collaboratively-written e-Book, which can be downloaded by anyone, for free, thanks to the hard work of all the generous souls who submitted their ideas, photos and instructions. We did it, folks!

The co-authors all agreed to allow the e-Book to be freely distributed, so be sure to share the book with anyone who might like to see all these great projects. You can download the e-Book now from our Practical Paper Mache page – the instructions are at the top (right under that all-important Facebook share button – hint, hint…)

Anyone who visits the blog, on any page, will now see the e-Book “advertised” on the right-hand column. If you contributed to the e-Book and you now have a website that you’d like to be mentioned, (or if you get a website up and running at any time in the future), just let me know and I’ll add your link to the book.

The only thing I’m not excited about is the background image on the cover – so it will probably change in the next few days.  Any suggestions are, as always, much appreciated.


8 thoughts on “Our Practical Paper Mache e-Book is Done”

  1. I just checked, and in a bit over 24 hours over 190 people have seen the ebook. That’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself. And thanks, Caroline, Xan and Jessie – this was a really fun project. Now we need to think up another one!

    • 190 in 24 hours. Very cool. : )

      I agree it was fun to do, and my mind in still racing with practical paper mache ideas.

      As for another project, I’m not sure if it’s a book or not, but I’m interested in where and how people mache, and what their studio, tools and techniques look like. (Temporary studios like the kitchen table, etc. are interesting too.) I loved Michael Jacobson’s post not only because of the armature lesson, but also because they’re shots of him using his tools in his space. : )

      I’ve learned so much from the great comments and people on this website, and the websites and books of Jonty, you, Stolloween, Papiermache.co.uk, Dan Reeder, Monique Robert, George Wolfe and others. It would be nice to see where and how people are doing what they’re talking about.

      — Beth

    • Jonni: I just came across this while searching for more information on how Michael did his full size woman.

      You are the most amazingly generous person. Thanks for all the wonderful information you give and the time you spend explaining it.

      Eternally grateful to you for showing me a new way to express myself artistically.


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