Our New Daily Sculptors Page, and Thoughts About “Getting Serious” About Art


OK, it’s now unofficially “official” – we have a new page for anyone who would like to join our new Daily Sculptors group. The new page is here — you’ll also be able to find a link to it at the top of every page on the blog, right under the pig.

Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, says the biggest thing that sets the “serious” artist apart from that amateur is simply showing up for work every day. That’s something a lot of us have a hard time with. I know I do. So getting some help and encouragement for that one little thing could make a big difference for a lot of us.

The new page is not a spot for “showing off” our work (that’s what the Photos from Readers page is for). The Daily Sculptors page is a place for us to show that we showed up and did the work, whether it was “successful” or not. We can upload photos to prove to ourselves and to our friends that today, again, we did the work. Make sense? It could also be a great place to ask for feedback if we know something we’re working on “isn’t quite right,” but we can’t figure out what it is. A few more pairs of eyes might help.

It’s weird — I have no problem “showing up for work” when I’m in book-writing mode. I sit down every morning at 6am or earlier and work for 10 hours straight, 7 days a week, for three months or more — until the book is done. Each day something gets written, even if it’s something that has to be done over tomorrow. I never even consider not sitting down to work on the book because “I don’t feel like it.” It never crosses my mind.

But when it comes to my artwork, I tend to wait until I’m “in the mood.” Art is something I do for fun. I don’t get paid for it. I do get paid for my books (hopefully) and I don’t get paid for a book that hasn’t been written, so I take my writing seriously (but not too seriously).

I don’t take my sculpting seriously. I would like that to change, and that’s why I’ve challenged myself (and anyone who wants to join me) to sculpt something every single day.

(Pressfield also says that “serious” or “professional” artists get paid for their work. Maybe that means we need to have a nice discussion soon about how to price our artwork).

On our new Daily Sculptors page, I’ll be posting whatever piece I’m working on that day. I hope you’ll do the same. Several people have already stated their interest in joining us, and bmaskmaker found the new page and posted yesterday, even before I announced it! I think that’s a good sign.

It doesn’t matter at all what medium you work in (doesn’t have to be paper mache). It doesn’t matter how big your pieces are, or how much got finished today. It’s just about encouraging ourselves and others to do some work on our craft, every single day.

  • The new page can be used as a journal.
  • You can tell us about your work,
  • Or something that inspired you today,
  • Or problems you’re having with motivation or any other stumbling block that gets in the way.
  • You can post photos of your work (set your camera to “save for the web” so the upload doohicky will accept them. If images are too big, the server gets unhappy).
  • And you can add encouragement for others who post.

If you skip a day or two, you won’t be sent to detention – there are no rules.

So – if it sounds like as much fun to you as I think it will be, please join us. Bookmark the new page. If you have friends who sculpt and you think they’d like to join our Daily Sculptors group, please invite them. Lets make this fun!

I’ll see you over at the Daily Sculptors page.



4 thoughts on “Our New Daily Sculptors Page, and Thoughts About “Getting Serious” About Art”

  1. Thank you for your wonderful and most generous site.
    I wonder if you can tell me how to have a perfectly matt surface on my finished wotk – and it still be protected. I don’t really like any form of sheen or shine.
    Many thanks.

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