Oreo the Zebra

Made by Pauline Seddon

Oreo the zebra was made from Jonni’s horse pattern which I modified ( thanks to advice from Jean ) in order to meet the facial characteristics of a zebra. The mane is made from make up brushes which I purchased from our popular £1 stores. The hair in the ears were from a child’s Pom Pom hat! Hope you like him.

Paper mache zebra head

14 thoughts on “Oreo the Zebra”

  1. Hi Pauline, Just found your zebra Oreo, You’ve done a fantastic job. I love how you’ve done the edges of the stripes to make it look like hair. Also the mane looks very realistic, a good idea to use the brushes . I might even re-do my zebra’s mane as I wasn’t really happy with it. The stand makes it look very professional. Well done!

    • Thanks Jean, lovely to hear from you! Those stripes gave me a headache! It took me ages to do. I’m working on Jonni’s Hippo at the moment. Are you doing anything?

  2. Wow, your zebra is so striking!!! So realistic!!! It is kind of hypnotizing with the black and white stripes, so I can see how it was straining your eyes. Very nice job!!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I must say, painting the black and white stripes on the front of the zebra was a strain on the eyes!


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