Orca Watercolor

Made by Rex Winn

I am inspired by all the orca’s. This is a watercolor painting I did years ago, the one I keep hanging in my bathroom so I can see it every day. (By the way, Jonni is right that a bathroom is no place for paper mache or watercolor. The paper does change size when it gets moisture, but I live alone and keep the door open!)

Thanks Eileen and Linda. Wonderful projects.

9 thoughts on “Orca Watercolor”

  1. WOW Rex, this is beautiful! I love everything about it! The water droplets, the sky, the sea, and the breaching aspect of the orca! Thanks so much for sharing! No wonder you want to see it everyday!

  2. Wow! What a great painting, Rex. Thanks for sharing it.

    I’m loving all these orcas – we’re getting a fairly large pod of them now, and so far each one has been made with completely different materials and methods. I hope we get some more… 🙂


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