Oops – Now What?

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If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting very often lately, it’s because I’ve been busy painting the house and getting it ready to sell. Well, I put an ad up on Craigslist last Saturday, and there’s already someone extremely interested in buying it. No paperwork yet, so I still have time to change my mind if I need to. I really thought I’d have a bit more time to figure out where I’m going next. Oops.

My daughter says I should find somewhere to move to before selling this house. (She’s so reasonable!) But I do tend to throw caution to the wind, and I’m in the mood for an adventure. I think…

So, here’s what I’m looking for – if you have any suggestions about where I can find it, please let me know:

I would like a very small house (600 square feet or less) with a yard that’s big enough for a shed that I can use for my studio. I also want room for a veggie garden and lots of flowers and fruit trees and bushes. And a spot for a few ducks (maybe – still dithering about the ducks). There doesn’t need to be a garden and fruit trees now, but space to plant them would be nice. I would like the summers to be pleasantly warm but not muggy, and the winters to be cool but not Arctic. I hate driving in the snow. I want to be in a smallish town or city, where I can walk to the library and grocery store. And all this must be really cheap, and be within easy driving distance to an airport so I can occasionally visit family in the NW and Midwest.

Not asking for much, am I? (Hey, one can dream…) Anyone have any idea where I can find all this?

On another note, the site has been crashing a lot lately, and the image upload plugin may be causing it. I may need to disable the plugin soon, (if I can figure out how to do that without completely erasing all the comments. Sigh…) If the plugin goes away we’ll need to find another way to share our projects with each other. If you have any suggestions about that, too, I’m all ears.

20 thoughts on “Oops – Now What?”

  1. Hi Jonni!
    I’ve been watching your site to be certain you arrived in Colorado safe and sound. You sound great…but, how’s your hearing? Did kitty lose her voice on the road?

    I cannot wait to pick up a copy of Pete’s head planter instructional book. I have so many ideas I want to try. Hope it goes faster than my paper mache projects. I have been able to complete a couple of those and hope to get them on my Etsy site next week. (I included my site so you can stop by and take a peek later – sitting empty at present I’m sorry to admit)

    Glad I don’t have to pay to maintain it because I’ve listed nothing to date since last November. Was hoping to do better this year but I have been wrapped up in working to get Prop 37 passed in November. That is for Mandatory GMO food labeling. The people in our state has had the rare opportunity to create a bill by outselves for this on our Nov. ballet. I think only 25 states in the U.S. will allow their ‘people’ to do this. Unfortunately, Monsanto and bio-tech corps and companies are pouring millions of $$, 35 million to date, to flood every main stream media source to defeat it.
    Oh well. just wish Cal. people had $$ to counter those attacks so since we don’t I’ve been pretty busy hitting the trail to get the truth out in my community…. have to pick my priorities and so my paper mache is suffering for the moment. But please do stop by my site later, I’d love to hear what you think!


    • Good luck with the vote. It’s an important issue, but the corporations do have a lot of clout. And yes, thanks – I did arrive, but in South Dakota. I like it here – the people are really nice.

  2. Well Jonni, I have an idea! A few years ago, when property values plummeted, I took a drive up into Washington along 101 on the Oregon coastline. (I think it was 101) Absolutely beautiful country and busy tourist area too. Lots of artistic creativity in just about every small town we drove through. I had 2 purposes in mind at the time: 1. Seek out property to buy 2. Visit the Chehalis tribal council. Prices were very reasonable so I looked at commercial property while in the little towns, places I could combine living (res) and working (commercial) in the same structure. My time was limited by my 2 week vacation unfortunately. Have you looked along that portion of the Oregon coastline? We shot over to it at Coos Bay.
    I’ve also had friends refer Gold Beach, a retirement town that draws much tourist traffic for business ventures. (I didn’t find the citizen’s of Gold Beach very hospitable while we stayed there with friends at their beautiful home, hum, 16 + years ago.) So I wouldn’t recommend that place…unless of course you are a right wing caucasian.

    • Hi Sharon. Yes, I’ve been looking on Zillow.com for places on the coast. I hope to drive over there on the 27th to check out the central coast. Maybe a little town a few miles inland, to avoid the fog. I really like the idea of being somewhere with tourists – back a zillion years ago, I sold at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. My work seems to appeal to people on vacation, for some reason. But having friendly neighbors is important, too. I’m not sure politics has much to do with it, though – I now live in a fairly conservative town, but everyone has been exceptionally nice. Even when I dug up all my grass and brought home an illegal flock of chickens. Maybe it matters that I always choose to live on the “wrong side of the tracks.” People here seem less interested in appearances, and more in community. I hope my next neighborhood will be just as nice.

      I ordered boxes, and they arrived yesterday. Now I have to figure out how to wrap up and ship a whole bunch of paper mache critters. The neighbors kids are hoping that I’ll forget and leave a few of them behind… Of course, I should wait until the appraisal comes in before doing too much packing. Sales do fall through, and I’d hate to have to unpack all my books.

  3. Hi Jonni –

    San Diego County has some nice areas – small towns, mild winters, all that. And housing prices are down right now. 🙂

  4. Take a look at Oriental, NC 28571. A wonderful mariner community in eastern NC. Population ~900, but sailboats outnumber residents about 2:1. Commercial fishing, an artisan community, musical society, history museum. Lots of stuff.
    Our local newsy website is http://www.towndock.net/, and you will find lots of pictures of the goings on in the village as well as several web cams.

  5. Hi Jonni! I tried to access your site a few days ago, but couldn’t.
    I wish I could sell my house in Oregon and move, too. I was looking on the ‘net at homes for sale in Southern Utah. The prices seemed reasonable, but I don’t think I’d like the deserty climate. I lived in Northern Utah when I was much younger, and love the summers there, but I didn’t care for the winter. Although, it seems that winter there didn’t last as long as it does here, nor does it rain all of the time! As far as gardening goes, I think the BEST tomatoes are grown in Utah!

    • Hi Maggie. I’m melting in the sudden heat, so I don’t think I could handle Utah. It is beautiful there, though. I’m staring to consider some towns slightly inland from the Oregon coast. Good camping opportunities, lots of artsy stuff. I need to take a trip over there before deciding for sure, though.

      If you do decide to move, good luck in finding the perfect spot!

  6. I live in a small town. Batesville, Indiana. Summers and winters are a mixed bag here. We often times joke about the (forcefield) holding off the weather. I actually had flowers blooming all during this past winter. I still have the pansies I planted last fall!!
    There is access to three airports in driving distance. Cincinnati,OH- Louisville,KY-Indianapolis,IN. We have 7 reservoirs for anyone interested in boating or fishing. We have low crime and a wonderful since of community. We have a large Kroger store and an I.G.A. in a neighboring town. Though Batesville itself does not have allot of major shopping such as Wal-Mart or Target there are several places close by who do. The furthest one would drive is fourty miles round trip. There is a store and butcher shop in walking distance as well as library, hospital, movie theater and bakery and antique mall. We even have a public transportation that will pic you up at your door.
    We also live within driving distance of several tourist attractions. Check us out at Batesvilleonline.

  7. Washburn, Wisconsin! It’s a very quaint small town on Lake Superior in very northern Wisconsin. It does get cold here, but it is so dry that you don’t notice. The summers are wonderful! The area is very artsy. We are 1 hour from Duluth, MN, 4 hours from Minneapolis/St Paul, 1 hour from Hayward, WI, 3 hours from Wausau, WI (which would be another beautiful town). I moved here 5 years ago and absolutely love it. I am 4 miles from the Chequamegon/Nicolette National Forest.

    The winters are interesting. We do get snow, but they have the equipment to move it and you don’t need 4-wheel drive. I actually love the winters. We snow shoe and cross-country ski and the snow is beautiful.

    Well, I bragged enough. If you get a chance, check us out.


  8. I so enjoy your posts, and laughed when I read your “ready for adventure”. I am so there ! I am 57 and you described exactly what I have been saying to my husband for the last two years. We have parents to look after now, and jobs, but if and when……
    My new project is at my job I am making 18″( approx) tall mice, to do a Christmas window at the florist I work for. I have the armatures done and need to finish tape to apply mache.
    My brain is also on the scramble for new ideas for my fall and winter craft shows…ahhggg.
    Oh and a side note, the dream yard sounds like to much work….lol…best of luck and thank you so much for being our mache Guru!

  9. Hi Joni,
    We are getting to move to Rock Hill, SC. Great smaller town 20 miles south of the large city of Charlotte, NC and same distance to Charlotte’s international airport. Good tax advantages in Rock Hill… as well as tax discounts for seniors. There are many lovely, small homes for sale there. The weather can be muggy in the summertime but the winters are generally fairly mild. Very friendly folks!

  10. Jonnie,
    Have you considered Rossmoor, a “village” of approximately 10,000 Seniors in Walnut Creek, California which is near SanFrancisco. Prices are down right now and I think you are perfect for this setting.
    Let me know and I will tell you more.

  11. Hi Joni,

    As a Canadian, I have had the luck to spend some of my senior years in the southern US. I LOVE Oregon. I love the politics, the greenery, the hills and dales and the ocean scenery. The wonderful outdoors. Any place along highway 101 would be wonderful.
    I think you could live inland in Oregon. Washington State also is mild climate, lots of fruit trees and good medical plans.
    They have wonderful islands on the coast and the olympic penninsula which I know you would love… a little too far away from the
    big Seattle. Peaceful nice living. You can check willow.com I think. They will give you an indication of all the real estate prices.
    You must have written a good ad for your house. Good luck.
    I haven’t been doing paper mache for awhile but I am loving the look of you fabulous masks and your soft, very petable cat!


    As far as real estate goes, you should never buy a house before you sell your own or you might get caught owning two houses.

  12. Hi Melissa. I think LA is a bit fast for me – I’m a small-town girl. Nice thought, though…

    By the way, if anyone else tried to access this post today and wasn’t able to get on, I do apologize. I’ve been fighting with the technology all day today. And I was losing, most of the time. I think we’re now back up and doing fine, but if you see anything that isn’t working, please let me know.

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