Oops, Elephant Needs a Bandaid…

I was so excited this morning when I woke up.  This was the day that Elsie the Elephant would be finished.

But dang -  it looked like she’d come down with some rare disease during the night. In five or six spots on her legs and tummy perfectly round areas about the size of a quarter had been incised from her skin, leaving the lower layer of paper exposed.

Was it leprosy? Was she infected with a flesh-eating bacteria? Did my cat suddenly develop a taste for paste and paper?

Then, mystery solved. A shiny trail proved the culprit was a slug that had somehow managed to move his slimy self onto the deck, up the leg of the table, and then up the side of poor Elsie.

So now I’m waiting for her bandaids to dry before she can be finished. The slug incident, along with my recurring vision of my Australian shepherd lifting his leg and coloring her yellow, is making me rethink the idea of leaving her outside. She may take up residence in my living room. I may need a bigger house.

Speaking of which, in a previous post I talked about ideas I’ve had about creating an affordable artists’ community, and a lot of readers chipped in with their ideas, from remaking the neighborhood where one reader currently lives, to taking over an RV park (my contribution), to building yurts or straw bale or earthbag homes in some idyllic setting. It all sounded like a nice, but impossible dream.

Then, just a few minutes before sitting down to write this post, I came across another option. I checked the real estate prices in one of the cities that have been hit hardest by the current financial meltdown, and discovered that some reasonably attractive houses are going for less than $10,000. And I thought my $75,000 house in eastern Oregon was cheap!

Artists who have found a way to make a living online might want to start considering places like Elkhart. It would be a way for us to contribute to the revitalization of an area just by living there. And with housing costs so cheap, think of all the free time you could spend doing fun projects instead of trying to make money. Sounds good to me. What do you think?

And tomorrow, you’ll get to see Elsie, I promise. No more slugs. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Oops, Elephant Needs a Bandaid…”

  1. Thank you for your reply. I think I will go with the resin, I know that is water proof. I will let you know how it turns out. Again thank you

  2. Hi Jonni,
    Did you find a way to have the baby elephant outside? I was planning to create a project that goes outside for Christmas and making the sculptors in paper mache would be ideal.

    • No, I chickened out and kept the elephant inside. I have looked for a product that will protect paper mache for long-term outdoor display, but so far I haven’t found anything, short of covering it completely with resin. However, many people do use Marine Varnish for holiday decorations. Your sculpture might soften a bit when it’s outside, because the varnish won’t be completely waterproof. But I’ve been told that the piece will stiffen up again when you bring it back inside, and it will be just fine if you store it in a dry place until next year. If you use Marine Varnish, be sure to give it several coats.

    • I think maybe she’s pulling our leg… :)

      Elephant is done. YouTube is currently processing the video, and Elsie should be appearing here on this blog shortly. She’s a very big baby – it wore me out hauling her around to take her picture this afternoon. It may be a sign that I’m getting old…


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