One blurry Art Deco Sterling Jay…

Made by Carol Brown

I finished this so long ago, I don’t know why it took me so long to post it. I hadn’t even taken pics until the other day when someone adopted him! Took a quick (bad) picture before this little thief left me. I was very sad/happy to see this one go. Usual, for me, cardboard, foil, paper and flour paste, joint compound for smoothing. It’s really very glossy.

3 thoughts on “One blurry Art Deco Sterling Jay…”

  1. Thank you, Pat! Jonni, Marci Gras was my intention plus those jays are little thieves, called for a mask. ?

  2. He looks like he’s getting ready for Mardi Gras! I’m sure he’ll be much loved in his new home, but it is hard to give them up sometimes, isn’t it?


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