Old Yeller

Made by Alan Monteith

We I take my recyclables to the collection station, I see some bikes there. I took a small bike and tried to find a way to reuse it. So……..I created Old Yeller. He is very simple. I just wanted to get a feel for this kind of art. Jonni keeps asking for my next creation and this is it.

Making Old Yeller on a Bike sculpture

Old Yeller metal sculpture

14 thoughts on “Old Yeller”

  1. I love Old Yeller. Just the name brings a tear to the eye, and you made him in his good days! Thanks.

    Teca and I walk in the canyon (because of the heat), and it is not uncommon these days to see deer there. She doesn’t know whether to chase them or to run. Yesterday the deer had her fawn with her and began running towards Teca until I showed up. Protective mode is a little scary. I can’t imagine killing one of them!

          • Alan, you can be sure that you won’t fail HERE. We are going to love it, but I know what you mean. My social phobia doesn’t want me to do ANYTHING. I can’t wait to see ET or whatever you decide to do.

            • Thanks, let me see if the milk crate, that ET rides in, will work with the bike that I have or if I will have to get a little bigger bike. I have to try to get things proportionate. If I can not get another bike then I will just have to make everything to fit this bike.

  2. Alan, I think this is my favorite. I really admire artists who upcycle : )
    Your video is about as good as it gets. Kudos.

    • Thanks ever so much for your kind thoughts. Old Yeller is just a thought that I had. I do not have kids or grand kids so it was a little hard guessing the right size cloths. This is just the first revision…………………..maybe the next one will be better.

    • I live on a lake and woods in north west Wisconsin. We do have real deer that pass by from time to time. During hunting season…………………….I do worry about Bucky getting shot. That is ok……………………….I will just paint on some red paint where the wound is. Every time I drive by him he surprises me. Most people drive by slow to get a look and not to spook him.



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