Nouveau Crane Garden Art with Crete Chae

Made by Lee Bell

The color is finally starting to POP . I managed to keep myself in the Red headed crane world and not give in to my total weakness for all the Heron blues. The cranes are actually my favorites to see out of all of them, partly because I also love their dinosaur sounding talking. They sound like mini teradactyls when they fly over at sundown. We have Ibis, heron , duck , osprey , mocking birds and doves frequently All in an old suburban neighborhood . I think they like the water access and the near by golf place. I love them all , they almost make hurricanes worth it – Almost .

12 thoughts on “Nouveau Crane Garden Art with Crete Chae”

  1. As always, your sculpture is stunning. I emptied the cache on this site and then your photo showed up. I really like that bit of red on the heron. It really highlights the heron.

    • I’d like to know that, too. All the images on the site have the jpg or jpeg extension, but Pat has told me before that her Mac lets her see older images, but not the newer ones. If anyone else has a Mac that has the same problem, please let me know. If it’s a website problem I can get some help from the nice folks at SiteGround, who own the server the site sits on.

      Lee, do you have the same photo on your website? If you do, maybe you could give us a direct link to that page so Pat could see your sculpture there.

  2. Lee, my old Mac isn’t displaying your photo. On this site it shows some photos but not all and yours is one that is not displaying. Darn. I know it is beautiful because all your work is spectacular. Congrats thru all your weather hindrances!


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