Not just for Christmas!

Made by Mary

I made these dogs over a two week period in between other tasks. We have a lot of stray dogs looking for homes here, so I called this collection not just for Christmas. The idea was to show dogs doing the things that dogs do best! If you have never had a dog it can come as a shock when they rip up your stuff and play fight with their mates. They also love rolling in mud and showing the world their private bits! The howling can be really loud if they feel they are being left behind.

The dogs are not meant to be any particular breed, I adopted two rescue dogs of my own and was inspired by their antics. I also use a one stroke approach to fur painting but didn’t realize that there are tutorials for this kind of thing on YouTube. I could have saved myself a lot of time trying to work this out, lol!

The dog standing on his back legs is given stability by over large feet and his tail. The rolling dog has an armature so I was able to give it a twist.

Paper mache dogs playing

Paper mache rescue dogs

18 thoughts on “Not just for Christmas!”

  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! These pups are absolutely wonderful. I can’t believe it took you only 2 weeks to finish. They have so much personality! You have captured their antics and expressions perfectly! Fabulous job!!!

  2. All I can say is WOW!! I’m retired, too, but I haven’t had the get up and go to start a project like this. Your projects have given me a lot of incentive to start having some fun of my own!

  3. Gosh! Thank you all for your kind words. I am really pleased and encouraged to do more πŸ™‚

    I have the time to do all these things because I am retired and only have my husband to look after. The lockdown put paid to going out and doing anything so I decided to learn a new craft. If I am absorbed in my work, dh will sometimes offer to cook. I guess we are both learning new skills, lol!

  4. As a dog lover, these are great! The only one missing is one covered in mud. Wonderful job. It takes me two weeks to do one little thing, not sure how you managed all this, but great job!

    • Thanks, Rhonda, we are just entering the rainy season here in Crete, so plenty of mud will be forthcoming! My doggies have to wait at the door to have their feet washed when they come in from the garden and I drag them into the bathroom if they found something smelly to roll in!

      Gotta love those dogs!

  5. These are great, tremendous character to each of them. I especially like the one shredding what appears to be toilet paper. It brings back fond(?) memories of my last dog!

    • Hi Eileen, thank you! The two dogs were supposed to be play fighting, so I gave that dog some teeth. Unfortunately when it dried, the teeth made him look mean, so I stuffed his mouth with paper bits! My dogs run off with my knitting wool given half a chance.

  6. I would take one or all. They are so much fun. Thanks for rescuing dogs and memorializing then in this art. Joyful.

    • Hi Rex, thank you!

      The Souda shelter always has dogs looking for homes so if you are ever in Crete, Greece, you know where to go πŸ˜‰

  7. You did them over 2 weeks and in between other things??? You are a machine! They are all lovely and their unique poses are wonderful.

    • Hi Linda, nice to meet another Crawford!

      I am a retired teacher with just my husband to look after. I don’t get out much during the lockdown so have plenty of time to play with paper mache. I am impatient so waiting for stuff to dry is really testing. This led to me starting several projects so things are ready to paint one after another. I like to keep busy πŸ™‚

  8. ohhhh how wonderful this has ********** 10 stars from me i love it so creative you have a great talent…its beautiful…..


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