Next Paper Mache Video Class – a Big Dragon?

This week I spent some time going over old posts so I could put together my new Extended Tutorials page. And that got me thinking about how much fun we had with the video series on making a paper mache cat. I moved soon after that video series was finished, I think, and the online class idea kind of got lost in the shuffle.

When I went over my old videos on my YouTube channel, I noticed that my third-most popular video was the one showing how to make an armature for a very small dragon. That was supposed to be a video series but I (ahem) never finished that one. I can’t remember why not.

My very first post on this blog was a dragon, and a dragon is a prominent character in the very first website I ever built. (That’s where I stole that dragon eyeball from, that’s showing at the top of this post). So, I’m thinking that it might be kind of fun to do something I’ve never done before, and build a rather large dragon – if anyone would be interested in following along. Let me know what you think of this idea in the comment section of this post.

On another note. . .

You may have noticed that I reorganized my blog a bit to make things a little easier to find (at least, I hope it helps). I want to thank everyone who offered suggestions on how to make the blog better. You can now find a post you’re interested in by:

  • Choosing a link on the menu bar at the top of every post, or by
  • Choosing one of the tags listed at the bottom of the sidebar, on the right, or by
  • Searching for a word that you think might be in the post, using the search bar at the top of the blog and then scrolling down through the results.

I also added the Extended Tutorials page that I already told you about (it’s under the Paper Mache Tutorials tab at the top of the site), which is pretty much what it says it is – I went through the blog and pulled out all the projects that extend over several (sometimes many) different posts. They are now listed on that page, along with links to the posts in each series, in the proper order.

And I added a Frequently Asked Questions page, which still doesn’t have anywhere near all the frequently asked questions – so far I just have the ones that come most immediately to mind. The FAQ page was recommended by one of my readers, and I agreed that it was a great idea. There are thousands of comments on this site, and digging through pages of comments to find an answer to something you know has been asked before – well, it can be a pain.

If you know of a question that you see answered a lot of times on this blog, go ahead and add the question to that page even if you already know the answer. That will make it a lot easier for new readers to find the answers they’re looking for. Unfortunately, the plugin I’m using for that page doesn’t allow readers to answer the questions themselves, and it doesn’t allow us to have a conversation about the answers – but we have a lot of other conversations going, so maybe that doesn’t matter. If you think I really got an answer wrong, or if I left out some information that you think is important, just add a comment on any post and let me know so I can fix it.


43 thoughts on “Next Paper Mache Video Class – a Big Dragon?”

  1. Dragon would be a neat walk through video series! Have you given any thought to the faux taxidermy projects so many are wild about? I started a deer a while back posted pics but then school started again and I haven’t had time to finish him. I would love to do more than a deer but get stymied but the armature phase so I was hoping to tempt you!

    • The only wall sculpture I’ve done so far that was similar to a trophy mounts was the kudu that I put in my mask book – but I tried to make him look like he was carved out of wood. I do need a new project though, and I haven’t been able to decide what to make. What particular critter did you have in mind?

      • I have looked on Pinterest a lot, and I think that that African animals like elephant, hippo and giraffe look like a awesome challenge. The woodland critters also look fun I have seen the fox a squirrel and a rabbit. The same with horses and cows. There are so many neat choices that I think any one would be a great tutorial. My goal is to finish the deer and post it and try for the full African bull elephant next.

  2. I finally got around to making that dragon. It now founds it’s home in a game shop named “The Purple Dragon”

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