Nativity stable

Made by tamara melanson

I needed a stable for my figurines, I used Styrofoam and the joint compound mixed with cellulose compound, worked great! I used wood for the doors and they actually open and close, I was thinking about putting a proverb behind the door if I can find a decal somewhere. Love your work Jonni! God Bless

Nativity Stable

Nativity Stable

4 thoughts on “Nativity stable”

  1. I am really happy to see what a great job you have done on the setting. It works really well. I have a sister who has over 100 figures, and I keep telling her she needs to do a city! This would be an excellent and inspirational beginning.

    (Happy, also, that the angels has its wings. My mother didn’t believe they had wings and always cut them off! Lovely set.) Thanks.

    • Thanks Rex, this is my second sculpture, tell your sis it was so much fun to make! Some of the foam pieces already had a door engraved into it.

  2. Thanks so much for showing us your nativity stable. It’s obvious that you did a lot of research, because it looks like it would fit right into a neighborhood in the real Bethlehem.


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