My Whimsical Miniature Dachshund

Made by Nancy Kelly

I am 63 years young. I returned to college in the last few years, just to play this time around, and to have FUN! I signed up for a 3-D Design Course & fell in LOVE with Paper Mache!! Needless to say, I can think of a million things I want to create now! 🙂
For one assignment, we had to pick a 3-D medium, research it, make a presentation and create something with the medium. I chose Paper Mache & I was hooked. I also discovered Jonni Good in my research & now I reference her OFTEN for tips, recipes, ideas & to see what other people are creating.

My first Paper Mache project was a whimsical rendition of my orange tabby cat, Penelope. Now, I’ve created a whimsical rendition of my mini-dachshund, Makenzie. My next project is my cockatiel, Kiwi.

Whimsical paper mache mini-dachshund
My Base
Whimsical paper mache mini-dachshund
Paper Mache Clay Sweater and Added Eyes

8 thoughts on “My Whimsical Miniature Dachshund”

  1. Oh my….I liked your orange tabby quite a lot, and then I opened this post. What a delight! I love the whimsical nature of this pup! The color speckles on his head, the delightful little sweater, and the wee little feet – all a delight! Thanks for sharing your projects…looking forward to seeing what you make next!


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