My Ventriloquist Puppet – “Le Cresh Schtick” (WIP)

Made by Justin Dancing Hawk

This is the 1st iteration of LeCresh! His name comes from the fact that in the early days of Jazz, a Clarinet was referred to as a “Licorice Stick”! I LOVE to play on words, so I came up with “LeCresh ( He’s a Cajun / Egyptian Elf! ) Schtick” . Schtick meaning -shtick | SHtik | (also schtick)
noun informal a gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc. associated with a particular person: there are many great comics who have based their stand-up shtick on observational comedy | her shtick was to haul out her pet ferret.

• a person’s special talent, interest, or area of activity: movies about ordinary women who do extraordinary things—that’s my shtick.

I want to point out here, that I am only sharing this photo & allowing the possibility of you all making copies of him, because I have now CHANGED him! So, I’d be honored if you all choose to honor LeCresh & make a mask of him! If you do, PLEASE post your result on my “Puppet Schtick” page on Facebook!

I have one more iteration of him that I’ll share! Because I want the final version of him to be unique unto the world, I reserve all rights to the final interation! The Name “LeCresh Schtick” is also all rights reserved! I ask that everyone please respect this because it will effect my livelihood as a Ventriloquist performer! Thank you!

Clay sculpture for puppet head

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  1. Hi Justin,
    Wow. this looks great. What did you use, clay, paper clay. etc? It would be great if you would do a tutorial.


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