5 thoughts on “My swimming chicken”

  1. Dear Harry,
    I would like to make Jonni’s standing giraffe head for outdoor use in Southern California. No snow or freezing and very little rain. INTENSE sun. Do you have suggestions for the final coatings? Jonni suggested I contact you. I had planned to use Marine Varnish but Jonni says this has not been successful for her. Any help you can offer will be appreciated. Greatly appreciated. Love the chicken! Obviously you are an artist and I am a crafter! Thanks for your help. Jan

    • Until it learns to swim! : )
      Actually, year ‘round. We get cold/snow in winter (Rochester, NY) but if I throw a large plastic garbage bag over it, it survives. It’s the freezing water that expands and creates problems. The outside mortar mix, oil paint and urethane coating adequately protects it. Harry


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