My Sweet Orange Tabby, Penelope

Made by Nancy Kelly

This is my rendition of my orange tabby cat, Penelope.

This is my very first Paper Mache project.

I am 63 years young and went back to college for FUN this time! I took a 3-D Design class. For one of the assignments we had to pick a medium, research it, create a presentation & create a project. I attempted Paper Mache as I’ve always been very interested in it, but NEVER attempted to try it.

I found Jonni Good in my research & fell in love with her style!!!!!!

I’ve learned sooooo much from referencing her website, her tips & her recipes. I’m sooooo in love with Paper Mache!

Paper Mache Cat
Base with 1st layer of paper mache.
Paper Mache Cat
Compound layer complete.

6 thoughts on “My Sweet Orange Tabby, Penelope”

  1. your Penelope is so adorable! Keep up the great work. I too have discovered Jonni and her amazing talents. Creation is a beautiful thing,


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