My other animals

Made by Barbara Corak

I thought maybe inquiring minds might want to know what my African jungle looks like. Ginger the Zebra is on Jonni’s how to blog. I did two elephants(using Jonni’s patterns) and three giraffes.. I love animals so it’s a win win because I get to see them everyday and I don’t have to feed them.

Zebra in African-theme decor

Giraffe in African-theme decor

9 thoughts on “My other animals”

  1. That is quite a home you have! It is beautiful and your creations add so much! Have you been to Africa or are you just enthralled?

    • I’m not in love with flying especially that far. I get motion sickness very easily. I love the premitive art work from that country and definitely the animals. I’m am so grateful to feel so happy and contented in my home. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

  2. Go into interior design. Your rooms make me happy. I really love that giraffe in the doorway. I love all of it.

    I don’t know what to say. Spectacular. Thanks, again.

    • Thanks again for your comment. I’m happy in my rooms also. I feel the rooms are Spiritual. I have four fountains. Unfortunately I had to turn them off because I didn’t want my cat to drink out of the water that ends up standing too long. I have no idea how I fell in love with African motivs. Very peaceful for me.. love mediating in my living room. Wish I could run my fountains because I can mediate deeply with them running. But Peanut comes first. Rex, keep doing what you love to do.
      Do everything you can to make yourself happy.

      • I totally understand what you mean about fountains!
        As ridiculous as it may sound, I found I’ve enjoyed playing fountains (or, on snowy winter days, fireplaces) on YouTube. There are some really good ones available. The gentle peaceful sounds, plus the lack of worry about cleaning (or cats drinking!) is a win-win for me in my studio/living space!

        • Thank you for your comment. I’ve been watching and listening to Utube mediation music videos. I watch these drones going all over the World. Our plane Earth is so magnificent. I could watch these videos all day. I like the videos with moving water.. the ocean, rivers, lakes, waterfalls etc etc. mostly piano music with waterfalls background. There is so much beauty in this World. Hope we do not destroying it.

      • I lived by the ocean for 25 years and then moved to the deserts of Utah! I love water, also. When I came here, we built a 9,000 gallon koi pond. My little place I built two feet from it. Two waterfalls. It does make life peaceful. My dog, Loki, was afraid of the koi because they splashed him! (And they did.) Until the end, every time he approached water he looked for the orange things coming towards him. I did yoga for 20 years and am trying to get back to it. I know this is all personal, but your space is very calming and lovely.

        • I love koi ponds. Wish I had on but I live in a restricted condo development. Can’t touch the grounds. Start looking into videos teaching you Law of Attractions. I read and watch Abraham Hicks books and videos on Utube. Life is so magically if we get out of the way. Ask for Spiritual help if u have any trouble with something your creating


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