My New Hyena Mask Pattern

Made by Jonni

This was a challenging project – I wanted a pattern that would be really easy to customize, in case a school or community group needed more than one hyena in their production of the Lion King.

So I did something that I rarely do. I made a mask with sharp, scary teeth. But there’s still the option of a closed mouth, with no teeth showing. And the shape of the eyes can be easily changed, too, to change his mood.

Let me know what you think of my new hyena headdress mask pattern. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My New Hyena Mask Pattern”

  1. Can’t you do a pattern for the whole hyena? (Just kidding. You’ve taught us how to do that already!) I love this. It just speaks to my heart.

  2. What a great mask! Hyenas are not nice guys, so it is good to have the option of making them sweet or nasty. It’s really cool that one pattern can achieve both.
    You know Jonni, it is very gratifying to your loyal fans to see how well you are doing with your masks. I know how much time it must take to get one of the patterns done and I hope you are realizing the benefits of all your hard work! Hopefully these patterns have helped with the upkeep of your website and maybe even a bit more besides. They seem popular by the evidence on the daily sculpture page. Kudos to you my friend!

    • Thanks, Eileen. This pattern was challenging to design, but that’s why it so much fun for me. The patterns are doing well, which is very fortunate since the website costs keep going up, along with the price of cat food. 🙂


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