My Little Pony from Cow mask pattern

Made by Elizabeth

My son wanted to be a my little pony for Halloween. He’s made up his own ‘scary’ pony called hurricane. I took this picture before his red hurricane symbol cutie marks were sewed onto his black shirt.

I used the cow pattern and modified it as I went along. I made the paper mache clay to cover it and spray painted it black. I made the eyes out of cardstock and paint and sealer. The mane is a wig ponytail clip and the horn was a store bought styrofoam unicorn horn. I lined the inside of the helmut with a faux fur liner I cut out of an okd jacket and hot glue so it would be comfortable to wear. And I cmcut and hot glued a black dog collar for a chin strap to keep it steady.

When Halloween is over I will make the mask a wall hanging for my son’s room.

My Little Pony costume mask

My Little Pony costume mask


4 thoughts on “My Little Pony from Cow mask pattern”

  1. I like the mask very much! I was a huge “my little pony”- fan when I was a kid :) The adapted cow mask works very well I think. It does really look like a my little pony, well done! :)


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