(My) Giraffe

Made by Rex Winn

I have always loved giraffes and have had posters of them on my wall. Even though I have made many paper mache giraffes, I haven’t managed to hold onto one. This one I am keeping. They are beautiful creatures, and I’m always happy to see how artists depict them on this site — and how popular they are.

7 thoughts on “(My) Giraffe”

  1. Love it Rex!!! Now, I’m sure you know what is coming next…. Leroy wants to know what you are naming this adorable creature. A home is not a home without a giraffe! Very nicely done 🙂

  2. Thanks, Eileen. Good to hear from you.

    (Have been out of town a couple of day to the hip doctor. Pain has been caused by bursitis. I guess that is good news!)

  3. Rex, this is the sweetest-looking giraffe I’ve ever seen. He (she?) just exudes a gentleness of spirit from every colored spot.
    I’m glad you’re keeping this one!

  4. How can you not love a giraffe? This one is sweet with a lovely, soft expression on the face. I’m glad you are finally keeping this one for yourself!


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