My furbaby buster

Made by Dawn Blair

I’ve been watching Ultimate Paper Mache for a year now. My furbaby Buster was sick I was rushing him to the vet a week ago and he passed away in my arms right as we arrived. I knew I was ready to make something yesterday. It had to be my Chihuahua Buster. I feel so involved and I’m releasing my pain through this project. I am playing Joanie’s videos while working. It’s great I can play the sections over again, to help me understand what I’m doing. Thank you for your blogs and website.

Paper Mache Chihuahua armature

Paper Mache Chihuahua in progress

5 thoughts on “My furbaby buster”

  1. I admire you so greatly. My dog passed away four years ago and the beginning of his pattern is still in a box. You have a great attitude going here and strength. Thank you for showing us.

    • Thank-you Rex,
      I’m getting closer to Buster’s completion. I have coated him 2xs. Now I’m stalling on painting him. I’m nervous about the painting part looking like him. Believe it or not I kiss the statue good night to say goodnight to Buster!

      • Yeah, I kiss many things that belonged to Loki. What color(s) is Buster. Jessie Rasche did a demonstration on a cow mask on this site about how to make browns. She actually did two posts that you might find interesting. One is the cow mask (a black and a brown cow) and how to paint fur. Just click on the BLOG tab at the top, enter her name in the search field, and you will see them. Best of luck.


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