My Fish with my first glass eyes is done.

Made by Marilyn Kalbhenn

He is finished! The eyes went cloudy when I added the wet clay but dried in over night. The glue between the paper eye drawing and the glass became liquid again. Lucky for me they dried back in place, but one eye kinda looks like he has a cataract. I am pleased with him. Thank you Jonni for all the tips and tricks you share with us.

Paper clay trout before painting
Paper mache clay trout by Marilyn Kalbhenn

10 thoughts on “My Fish with my first glass eyes is done.”

  1. I love your fish. Well done and colored really well. Thanks.

    (I’m kicking around my fish patterns on my laundry room floor. Maybe one day I’ll get to it.)

  2. Marilyn, your trout is beautiful – absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for letting us see it when it was finished. I was so excited by your first post, where you mentioned making the eyes with colored pencils, that I ordered a small set. I’ve never really used colored pencils before, but I can’t wait to try them. I hope mine come out at least half as nice as the ones you made for your trout. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

    • Thanks Jonni. I hope you try the colored pencil eyes. Give yourself time to get use to them. I have been playing with them for years. The ones I use can be put down in layers and then blended, I thought I would has a better chase with them over painting. The ones I use are Prismacolor pencil. I am slow getting back into my art, but I am loving it. As soon as I finish the next thing I will Post it.


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