My First Supermurgitroid Robot Sculptures

Made by Leslie Born

I have never imagined I’d be making robot sculptures, but here are my first two – and I have many more in my head!

They’re made from styrofoam, wooden dowels, plastic straws, aluminium wire, air dry clay, cardboard, newsprint (and phonebooks), and tape. I used Jonni’s cooked paper mache and paper mache clay.

I don’t know if I got the pulp as smooth as I could have, but I like how they aren’t perfectly smooth. I am going to try to add less flour next time so it is a bit thinner and maybe smooths on better. I really struggled with the joints, because I was afraid, but I tried two different ways, and found one is easier than I thought – using air dry clay worked best. I also struggled because I have to wear gloves because I’m allergic to drywall compound, but it was such a nice medium, I’ll happily figure this out.

Supermurgitroid Robot Sculpture closeup made by Leslie Born

So why robots? I usually just draw robots, they’ve become an extension of me. But last fall I was suddenly struck with the need to make 3D versions. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I finally “gave in” at the start of January and slowly worked on these two.

Each of my robots has a story to go with them; I want to make people smile, relate to a robot’s story, find something nostalgic, be reminded of a happy memory, or know they aren’t alone in their feelings. Most of the time I don’t really know the full story until the robot illustrations are done, and it seems to be the same way with the sculptures. I’m still sorting it out fully. But I know they’re trying to share something wonderful with the world.

I hope you like them, they’ve stolen my heart, and I’m just so happy to share them.

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