My first projects in Jonni’s book

Made by Cynthia Medanich

I found Jonni Good on YouTube and knew I had to try her method. My art back ground is drawing. I’m a retired draftsman. I worked in machine or mechanical-drafting and geological-drafting. I liked that her art looks sophisticated as in technique & realism. I love the way she teaches & thinking through problems. I love learning the “tricks” of the trade. I find all good artist have them and are the secrets that make projects successful. My goal is to do everything project in her book(s). I’m challenging myself to experiment with my own (ideas-tricks) with the projects to develop my own style. It’s the journey that is meaningful for me. I find I’m enjoying the process a little more when the outcome is pleasing to me. I can wait to move forward.

Another Fish made with paper mache clay

Penguins made with paper mache clay

4 thoughts on “My first projects in Jonni’s book”

  1. Cynthia, just your photo brought back so many memories. I predict you will never regret doing all the projects in Jonni’s book. It is a great introduction to paper mache and will help you become an artist. Having said that, your fish are perfect. The fish are very pleasing. Please show us what you do.

  2. Your sculptures are really good and your paint finish fantastic. I absolutely adore your clown fish. Keep posting and let us all know how you are getting on. Welcome to our world and the best paper mache site!

  3. Wow, you are an enthusiastic and talented student! All of your sculptures are fabulous and you should be very proud! Welcome to the paper mache fan club!


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