My first ever paper mache unicorn!

Made by Amy Gee

My four year old is really into unicorns so I decided I would make a unicorn head for her wall! I found Jonni’s horse pattern and went from there. Of course, I had to fashion a horn and also made the neck extend so that it could come out of the wall rather than be free standing. So easy to follow the pattern and I had so much fun doing this!

8 thoughts on “My first ever paper mache unicorn!”

  1. Very nice unicorn!! I was wondering what you used for the mane. I made one for my great niece (picture on this site if you search for Kulow) and used synthetic hair. The hair was really difficult to glue onto the paper mache as it came prepared with a net as a wig. At any rate, your mane looks awesome! Nice job!

    • Thank you!!I did the same as Jonni did for the horse sculpture and used crochet thread. I colored the paper mache clay the color I wanted the mane and dipped the thread into it before applying it to the unicorn.

      • Thank you! Great idea on how to make the mane! It looks very realistic and must have taken a lot of time to place the strands just right. Very nice!!

    • Thank you! Yes I used her horse pattern, but lengthened it’s neck so that it could attach to a wall rather than be a standing head.


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