My eclectic, bubble off center sculptures.

Made by Jennifer Green

These are a few pieces I’ve done with a clay I make from old Tim Horton coffee trays and from my imagination. My best ideas come to me when I’m cleaning the house or gardening. Go figure.
They are not thought provoking or deep in any way. I just want people to smile or even point and laugh at them. If that happens then my goal has been accomplished.

My eclectic, bubble off center sculptures.

My eclectic, bubble off center sculptures.

4 thoughts on “My eclectic, bubble off center sculptures.”

  1. Jennifer – Your work is great! I love your Sun and “Got Milk?” Do you make sketches first? – or just design in your head as I do? I think I am going to sit down and do some sketching today. I have ordered some Laguna ceramic-based airdry clay. I like to work with flat slabs and cut out my shapes to construct my forms. I have not been able to do so with papermache clay – due to the paper fibers. Keep rockin on!

    • Good Morning Holly. Thanks very much for enjoying my work. I don’t sketch. I get ideas in my head and wrap up old flyers/newspapers held together with masking tape and go from there. Wire with paper wrapped it for limbs and bobs your uncle. I’m off!
      My clay has no fibers. It’s like velvet. Old coffee trays ripped into chunks. I soak those chunks in water and loosen them up with my fingers. Then I squeeze the water out, throw the saturated chunks in my kitchen aid mixer and break them up even more. High speed for a few minutes. Then I add about a teaspoon of corn starch and enough white glue stopping occasionally to scrape. Mix it all on #8, high for about 5 minutes adding more glue until its the desired consistency. Dont forget the scraping. Like a thick icing. Better too dry than too moist as I use a pallet knife dipped in water to sculpt with. A great way to create and ?? recycle.
      I’m going to look up that ceramic clay you mentioned. Sounds interesting.

  2. Then my job has been done successfully. I’m so glad you like them.
    My imagination knows no bounds!
    Thanks very much.


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