My ceramic and stain glass mosaic mirrors

Made by Barbara Corak

I’ve been in love with tiles and stain glass since I’m 12 years old. These mirrors are on my wall. I first design the tiles by painting and firing them. On the bigger mirror, I sculpted the animals and then surrounded them with stain glass pieces. I grind each piece so that no one including me, get cut on the glass.

ceramic and stain glass mosaic mirrors


5 thoughts on “My ceramic and stain glass mosaic mirrors”

  1. I’m gob-smacked. You’re a professional. That mirror and everything is first class all the way. I’ve been doing stained glass for 40 years and made a few stepping stones, but I shied away from mosaics. That is really beautiful, every stroke of it, form and content. Amazing. Thank you.

    (I’ve collected bits of glass in a tote, and it has about 4″ in it. I understand about cutting yourself. When I first began, I had band-aids on every finger. One day a lady stopped me on the street and said, “Don’t you do stained glass?” I said I did. She said, “I didn’t recognize you without the band-aids.” She was my dental hygienist.)

    • Playing with stain glass can be hazardous to your health. Don’t know if u heard the expression “be here now”. Meaning to really be focus on what you are doing minute by minute. Even being very focus with glass, we sometimes get cut. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it.

      • Yes, “be here now” I have tried to live by since 1975. It’s good advice with stained glass. I even have the book! When people get around my glass, I get very nervous. “DON’T TOUCH” is common. You do beautiful work. Class A.


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