Murder Hornet mask

Made by Barbara Shelanskey

I was actually looking for ideas for a pumpkin mask when I came across Jonni’s video of her Murder Hornet. I just had to try one of my own! This is my first foray into paper mache, though I’ve been sculpting small things with clay most of my life. I had a blast with this!

Murder Hornet Mask

3 thoughts on “Murder Hornet mask”

  1. As I said in the caption, I’m used to working with clay. I used the Silky Smooth recipe. While this handles similarly to clay, I think I was a little heavy handed with the material because of that. I believe I put it on much thicker than it needed to be. The mask is fairly heavy, and because the mandibles are so far forward, it wanted to slide down over my face. This made for great pictures, but I couldn’t see a thing! So, for me, there will be a bit of a learning curve.

    I loved doing it, though, and I’ll be doing more projects soon!


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