mummy and the kittens

Made by Margaret Kennedy

Hi Jonni, this is my first try at paper mache. my inspiration came from a painting of an Egyptian cat and two kittens. I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt a lot. I almost didn’t have room to paint mummy because the kittens were in the way. I used a large tin of dog food , empty of course, for mummy, a wooden spoon , .newspapers and for the kittens 2 foam balls. ultimate paper mache is the best thing on the internet. my next sculpture is called snow buddies and it is on its way. thank you so much.

Paper mache cat with adoring kittens

7 thoughts on “mummy and the kittens”

  1. Super cute! Isn’t it great to make your first paper mache??!! You did a great job and always remember, there are never mistakes…. they are called learning experiences!! I like your painting as well 🙂

    • hi Connie, thank you for your great advice. yes I totally agree no mistakes just happy accidents. I will have to get used to that because I hope to make many many more happy accidents. ultimate paper mache is the best thing on the internet. there is a lot of talent out there and thanks to Jonni, she is a great support to have when beginners like me get stuck!! take care and many thanks

    • you are welcome Mary, it was great fun to do. but a bit difficult for a first attempt as when I came to painting mummy the kittens were in the way (as kittens usually do)! tthank you I am glad you like it

    • Hi jonni, you have made my day. After so many attempts to get mummy and the kittens to you I almost gave up but thanks to Lady Peppy I kept trying! Yes I did the painting a while ago. I love all things Egyptian. Snow buddies is also from one of my paintings. Thanks a million


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