Multi colored cat – Ginger

Made by Linda Krautner

Made with aluminum foil and air dry clay. It took quite a while, started in Nov.2020.Since all the legs and tail are so close to the body I formed the back legs with clay & let dry before I Attached the front legs & tail.

Originally I wanted to do a more interesting position kitty and I made a 15 inch cardboard pattern for a walking cat, but anxiety about getting legs level is preventing me from starting it so I might have to do something else for now. If anyone knows where I can learn how to do bird legs and feet that would be a big help. Thanks!

Multi-colored ginger cat

8 thoughts on “Multi colored cat – Ginger”

  1. Nice cat. I don’t mind things on my car, but I can hear my sister’s husband screaming to get it off the car. I like the cat. Your coloring is great.

  2. Oh yes ironically I just read about how you did your baby chick, which is quite realistic.Love it ! Thanks for the reply

  3. Hi Linda. I love your cat. I agree that getting animals to balance correctly can be a challenge. We have two posts on the site that might help for sculptures with just two feet on the ground. One is Kelly’s heron, which has a base that the feet are attached to by a strong wire. For a bird with no base you can see how I get the legs and feet to balance on my baby chick. I’m sure there are a lot of other ways to do it – and I hope anyone who has a good idea will share it with us! 🙂

    • Kelly’s Heron is just wonderful! The feet method ,Just too tedious. So as for me and making bird feet I think that I’ll stick to making a penguin from your book first.


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