“Mr. X “

Made by orlando e ginarte

This is “Mr.X” a dog of the Schnauzer breed.

When we first met he growled and barked, after a while every time we met he did the same thing, I think he enjoyed doing it but he never bit me. He got sick and despite receiving veterinary attention one day the sad decision came to put him to rest forever. According to the canine calendar he was many years old. He was not my property but a niece. We will always remember him with great affection. (Paper Mache-Air dry clay (no flour) and acrylic paint)

4 thoughts on ““Mr. X “”

  1. You have a style, my friend. It doesn’t get any better than that. What a keepsake, and a wonderful work. Thank you. Sorry for the loss. It is tough, and these are keeping great memories alive.


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