Mr Toad

Made by DeAnna St James Van Ruden

I used your bullfrog pattern to turn my husband into Mr Toad for Halloween. I had to tweak it a bit so that the hole was at the bottom instead of the back. In doing so, it gave him a bit of a cone head. Fortunately the hat took care of the problem. I also had to open the mouth a bit to give him a little more air. That worked out too though. It allowed him to hold the pipe in his mouth, which was a nice finishing touch to the costume.
To accompany him I made a toadstool hat for myself made of aluminum foil and paper mache. Every Halloween I try to dress my husband up so that he gets a ton of positive feedback to combat all the negatively that goes along with being a police officer. Thanks to you, we had a big win this year. Each parent of every trick or treater complimented him. He was the Belle of the ball. Thank you so much for helping me make him happy!

Mr. Toad costume for Halloween

Mrs. Toadstool Halloween costume

3 thoughts on “Mr Toad”

  1. Great costumes DeAnna – they’re brilliant. I have to admit that I’m prejudiced, of course – Mr. Toad is one of my all-time favorite characters. 🙂


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