Mr Fox, Bear and Tigress

Made by Christine O’Brien

I have never made anything out of Papier Mache before but with your patterns and EXTENSIVE and GREAT direction…here’s what I accomplished. My Great niece and nephew’s will be pleased, I hope.

Paper mache bear head

Paper mache tiger wall mask

4 thoughts on “Mr Fox, Bear and Tigress”

  1. Thanks for the support Jonni. But to answer your question I did NOT make the fox head from scratch. I got the pattern off of another web site…I believe it was from Pinterest but I just can’t say for certain. The plaque was purchased from Amazon, if that helps.

    on Pinterest.

  2. They’re beautiful, Christine. I love the way you painted them. You must tell us about that fox – it’s definitely not one of my patterns. Did you make him from scratch? It’s gorgeous!


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