Mounted Deathclaw Head

Made by Amy Mowery

My first paper mache project! well technically I played around with paper mache when I was little but never with an actual planned out project.

This is the head of a deathclaw, a monster from the Fallout video games. I made it life-size to the 10 ft tall monster from the game. He is made with paper mache and paper mache clay. the eyes are clear glass cabochon that I painted the back of. The teeth are made with a translucent polymer clay that I aged with a mixture of mod podge and paint and then coated the teeth and mouth with a gloss clear coat to give it a wet look.

The deathclaw head is around 2 ft tall and 2 1/2 ft wide at the horns and weighs 11 lbs. I learned so much working on this.

I didn’t know how forgiving paper mache could be if you weren’t afraid to use a box cutter and remove the chunk you didn’t like and add new paper mache on top. The biggest thing I learned for my future projects is to create a support and mounting system for it to go on the wall BEFORE adding the paper mache clay. That way you don’t have to have screws sticking out of the sides of your model. Luckily I was able to hide the screws with paint on this one.

Paper mache Mounted Deathclaw Head in progress

Paper mache Mounted Deathclaw Head before painting

4 thoughts on “Mounted Deathclaw Head”

  1. That looks awesome! I want to mount it over the front door or my camp! Especially amazing in how accurate it looks… for being your first paper mache?

  2. My goodness – you sure didn’t start with an easy, uncomplicated project for your first paper mache sculpture, but it turned out really well. I am so impressed! I looked up an image of the Deathclaw from the game, and your portrait of the monster is perfect. 🙂

    What will you make next?


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