Our Mountain Gorilla Sculpture

Made by Elena Martínez

I started this mountain gorilla sculpture before Covid hit. The armature was made using a cardboard pattern. I surrounded it with paper and tape.

At this point, I started with a thin layer of paper mache to give me a solid base, and then got more muscle definition with a second layer. Finally, I did the fur texture with a third layer.

I sanded it all before I primed and painted it with acrylic paints.

The final step was the varnish finishing.

This life- size gorilla was a highly challenging task, but I really enjoyed this so much! Thank you so much for the tutorials, recipes and advice, Jonni!!

Sculpture of a Mountain Gorilla

Paper mache sculpture of a mountain gorilla

23 thoughts on “Our Mountain Gorilla Sculpture”

  1. Excellent job, on the sculpting and the finish! What tools did you use to render the fur, please? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth!
      I used a palette knife (steel oil painting knife) to create the texture. When the clay is freshly spread I quickly tap on it. Then I do a strong sanding.

      • Thank you for the quick response. Would love to see more of your work, where are you located, do you sell anywhere? Encore!

  2. Incredible Elena!!
    I have no words, it is so real!
    Since the position, details, eyes… you really keep an eye on every aspect! Congratulations!!

  3. What a beautiful piece! Truly a piece of art to be in a museum. All the smoothing is perfect and the fur is just as wonderful. This is an amazing piece! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Increíble, que obra tan maravillosa y llena de vida. Es impresionante como lo has plasmado. Por favor, no dejes de crear y ofrecernos estos instantes llenos con la magia del arte. ?????

  5. Oh my gosh, Oh My Gosh, OH .. . …MY ….. ..GOSH ! What an outstanding job you’ve done. Wouldn’t want to meet him in the Bwindi Forrest alone.

  6. He’s amazing, Elena! I love the muscles, the way it’s positioned…you really nailed his head too. Very nice 🙂


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