Made by Bindi

This cat is modeled on my own Siamese cat Moose. It is my 3rd attempt at paper mache & I made him during ‘lock down’ here in the UK. I made him more ‘cartoon-like’ than realistic (hence the big ears). He is made from just cardboard, newspaper & glue paste & painted with acrylic paint. I hope you like him. I also made a model of my Basset Hound Bogie after watching your video of how to make one.

Basset Hound and Siamese Cat Paper Mache

7 thoughts on “Moose”

    • Thank you Eileen for your kind comments. The cats face was very challenging to paint as it is so dark but I ‘kind-of’ got it to work.

  1. Thanks for the joyful laugh when I saw these two. Wonderful little creatures. I love the ears — all four of them — and you could teach me a thing or two about eyebrows. It isn’t difficult to love them.

    • Thank you Rex for your kind remarks. The ‘real-life’ Bogie & Moose can hear a crisp packet russle at 100 yards with there ears! I’m pleased they made you smile.


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