Made by ilja Broné

Hi Jonnie,

That’s a beautiful monster you and your daughter made.

I work in a men’s prison and I make monsters with them for a few years now. It’s a project “you can make mistake and then fix them”.
I did choose monsters, because they are the most perfect! It’s never wrong. Everything is okay. One eye or 4 eyes. Three fingers or just lots of them.

Of course the men can make everything they want. Some of them make nice butterflies for there kids or beautiful very funny dragons. Every time I’m surprised what they come up with. I love it and the man also love this project.

When I came up with this project I had to ask my director for permission of course. So I brought my own “inner monster” to my director and told my story. How I came up with my monster and what’s the story is about. Why the middle finger and what it did to me to finish my monster.

She loved it and sins then I can give this project once a week to the men in our prison. I hope I can make them realize what they did and what they did to the families, kids, themselves, victims and even to the community.

I hope my project is helping a lot of people and i know making monsters is so easy! Everybody can do this! Just for fun or maybe you can let your inner monster out!

I hope the photo’s are aloud..

Big love,

Paper mache monster by ilja Broné

Paper mache monster by ilja Broné

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