Made by Heike Lueders

Hi Jonni,

I am very grateful for your website I only found it recently and have tried different recipes. Here is one of my last works.

Greetings from Berlin / Germany

Momo - Paper mache clay figure sculpture

10 thoughts on “Momo”

  1. Beautifully done! The style of the sculpture, the execution, and the finish are all masterfully done. I am adding “Momo” to the images I show my sixth grade art class as an example of how versatile a medium paper mache can be.

    • Thanks!
      I painted it with a copper based acrylic paint. Than with an oxidizer. I bought it as set. But first, the green finish was almost not to see. So I painted more layers with oxidizer. However, this material does what it want, it ist not really controllable. Maybe, because of this reason, finally I like it.
      Best regards


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