Mixed Media Giant Gnomes

Made by Pat Bosiger

I work mixed media. What ever I need to use to create my end project, with in ethical boundaries.

It’s a learning curve for me. The female gnome was my 1st attempt at a giant gnome ( I couldn’t find a giant female gnome anywhere, not that I spend several hundreds on a gnome anyway, can’t justify it.) So I made my own. I had a idea years ago about Buddy, but wasn’t sure how I’d create him. I figured it out. The Gnomes are made of paper mache, foam, pool noodles, wig heads, chicken wire if I recall correctly. Fabric dipped in monster mud. Paint and a sealer.

I don’t have the guts to leave them out side long term in weather. They are designed to go in my back yard gardens for when I have summer company.

I do all kinds of other arts & crafts, but 3-D sculpting is my favorite, especially Halloween prop. I added other mixed media projects. I hope to inspire people to work with and teach their kids to make stuff.

Mixed media sculpture

Halloween Yard Art

It all started when I had the underside of my homes roof deck sprayed with closed-cell insulation. The contractor’s had to change one of the chemical tanks, (it’s a A B foam) which meant they had to spray some waist foam into plastic scrap to the mix was correct.
I asked for the waist foam thinking it was carvable ( I didn’t try, can’t say if it is carvable or not). I realize the shape was close to the shape of a skirt , it became the beginning of my gnomes armature. I believe her bodice is paper mache, as you can see her arms are pool noodles. & Her head is a wig head.
Her clothing is old damp curtains dipped in monster mud ( joint compound and paint mix).
I like to use the dry brushing technique I was taught when I did slip casted ceramic’s.
All black, than lighter and lighter colors with less paint on brush with each layer.
I did use something that would have ended up in landfill to use, so I’m happy and enjoyed the challenge of figuring it out.

Making a giant gnome1

Making a giant gnome2

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