miss kitty bling paws

Made by Margaret Kennedy

Miss Kitty Bling Paws came about by accident. As a beginner and new to paper mache I did three sculptures that were too complicated so I decided I would do something nice and easy like an urn. I did all the right things got the balloon the paper strips the glue and the yoghurt tubs. 2 days later I had a sculpture that I was happy with. I then got a needle and burst the balloon. unfortunately I did not grease the balloon and when it burst the whole sculpture collapsed into a pile of wrinkles ! I managed to salvage most of it. half of the urn base became kitties skirt and the clay around the yoghurt tubs became the frill around her neck I painted her with some of my old oil paints that I never use. big mistake. it took ages to dry but now that she is finished she was worth the wait.

miss kitty bling paws

miss kitty bling paws' tail

6 thoughts on “miss kitty bling paws”

    • thank you. she was a real challenge but great fun. I just wasn’t meant to make an urn. my second urn attempt got as far as the glued on paper strips and my little tabby cat shredded most of it! hopefully it will be third time lucky and I will manage to make a paper mache urn

  1. i agree with Jonni…that face is fabulous! What a good way to salvage your failed urn as well. I usually save my failed pieces to test paint colors!


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