Minis: Wee Fox

Made by Lisa Anne

Most of my projects have been big (like…measure the door or they’ll not be leaving the room big!). Recently, however, I started making “minis”…not doing much planning on these, just playing around with foil and hot glue for armature and going from there.

I’m having lots of fun! What a lovely discovery to make (before I run out of room in my place for the big guys!

This was my first “mini”….Wee Fox. I decided to make him pretty simple (another departure for me), and he got finished up in no time.

Wee Fox made with paper mache clay

4 thoughts on “Minis: Wee Fox”

  1. He is so cute! I live in a community where we are close to a state park, so we end up with a lot of interesting visitors. We have a den of fox that hunker down not too far from our house. It’s about time for Mom and Dad to bring out their new family members. They are such a joy to watch…. and such a joy to make. I understand when you say that you have to measure the door when making a project, because going smaller is hard!! You did a great job on this little fella.

    • Thanks so much, Connie!
      Going small saves on space…and the sense of accomplishment comes faster. Lol…although – it’s really the process of the whole thing, isn’t it?? 🙂


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