8 thoughts on “Mijn holle boomstam met vogeltje”

  1. Very nice! so detailed and real looking. I have a project in mind to try but have been dragging my feet. But your hollow log and bird piece has me ready to try. You see I haven’t done paper mache since I was 10 years old in school making heads for the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. I remember the craft and art was so satisfying to create the heads that were worn during the French class play of the 3 little pigs.
    Thank you and Jonni for inspiring me to get started!!

  2. Amazing detail on the log! I love it! I too would like to know more about how you made it.

    (Geweldig detail op het logboek! Ik hou ervan! Ik zou ook graag meer willen weten over hoe je het gemaakt hebt.)

  3. I did a Google translate on this:

    “He sings the highest song. Made of paper mache, the trunk is made with layers of foil and paper clay.”

    I was so thrilled with that log, I wanted to see what the sculptor said about it!

    I’m still intrigued – the detail and realistic nature of that log really has me thinking. Any chance, Grietje, we could learn more about your process of creating that?

    (Ik ben geïntrigeerd – het detail en de realistische aard van dat logboek zet me echt aan het denken. Is er een kans, Grietje, dat we meer te weten kunnen komen over jouw proces om dat te creëren?)


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