Metal Finishes Abstract Wall Art

Made by Carmen Aybar of TDC

I wanted to create a large paper mache art piece for my dining room wall with the look of metal finishes of gold, silver, copper and gun metal. Once again, I used your paper mache clay recipe. Thank you for inspiring me to work with paper mache again! Sorry, I didn’t take photos of the steps.

3 thoughts on “Metal Finishes Abstract Wall Art”

  1. Do you use little wads of paper or larger wads of paper to round out form? Im having a difficult time w this probably easy step.. Ive.tried to put crumpled paper on w glue gun n masking tape. I feel im not doing something right Is there a video i can watch to see how this is done? Thank u.

    • Hi Cindy. I do have a video that shows me adding crumpled paper and masking tape to my raccoon sculpture. You can see it here. But I have to admit that using foil instead of paper is a lot easier. The paper tends to come un-crumpled while you’re trying to get the tape on, which can be aggravating. If you have some aluminum foil that you don’t mind using for your project, you might try it instead. You can use either hot glue or masking tape to keep it on, but the hot glue is easiest. The size of the wad depends on the shapes I’m trying to achieve – big pieces for large areas, small pieces for details. I hope this helps.


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