Meet Rachel Rabbit

Made by Connie Kulow

Rachel is jumping out of the wall, surrounded by a wreath with flowers and a bird’s nest. I made her out of plastic grocery bags, masking tape, ping pong ball for eyes, fishing line for her pink whiskers and paper mache clay. I had to repaint her pink whiskers because some of the varnish splattered on them and removed the acrylic paint.

3 thoughts on “Meet Rachel Rabbit”

  1. That is too fun. It’s nice that you have a blank wall to do that. Clever idea.

    I forgot that it was Easter. A couple of mornings ago, I was getting ready to take my dog for a walk and looked out the window. She was chasing a white bunny through the yard. I tore out of the house screaming at her not to kill it. (She didn’t.) Someone’s pet had gotten lose. I hope your little bunny is safe!

    • Thank you! Corners are hard to find! I plan to add a few more whimsical items to the wreath like a dragonfly and maybe some berries. I like Rachel’s pink whiskers. I always thought a floppy eared, housebroken bunny would make a great pet.


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